Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Apart from Him we can do nothing

There is nothing good stored in our hearts apart from God for our selfish acts testifies to it.  However, because of God’s gracious unfailing love, He has abundantly poured his grace of undeserved kindness upon our lives by providing the only solution to revive us back to life, that is, to the spiritual life we had lost in the very beginning.  Yes, His precious sacrificial Word of life restored all that was lost back to its original state.  Although, we are still in the progression stage, our hearts rejoice for the freedom that has been bestowed upon us.  We no longer live for self but for the Sovereign God who has redeemed us from all condemnation.  For our thoughts and ways are not driven by the world but by the very Word of God.  His statues are carved within our hearts constantly reminding us that there is nothing that can ever take us back to that dark place of misery and despair.  Thanks to Jesus we are being transformed into his likeness.

Strengthen your faith in Him, run with his words in your heart, never departing from it.  Don’t give up for our hope rests solely in Him.  Amen!    


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