My purpose is to encourage women to seek all things through Faith.  Faith has given me the strength to stand strong through it all.  Yes, women have many battles, but I realized that they have to be won by strengthening your faith in God.  He wants to take full charge of your battles, 2 Chronicles 20:15 says, "the battle is not yours, but mine."  While I journey through life, I have confirmed that the remedy to my life is doing it God's way.  

Faith encourages me to hope for those things that are unseen (prayers).  Although the road to success is not easy at times, nevertheless, I continue to experience the victorious battles the Lord conquers for me.  This great lovingly, wonderfully, amazingly, powerful God is what I would like to share with other women.  Take a leap of faith and allow God's power to change things in your life too.

I love my Lord, Jesus Christ who fulfills me with joy and happiness. I am an amazingly blessed wife and a proud fulfilled mother of 3 beautiful boys.

During my daily messages, if there is a word that touches you or brings a thought to mind, please share it has it can bring joy, happiness to others, and it might even be the answer that God has been trying to communicate to someone else.  We all know that our Lord works in mysterious ways that is exactly what is so awesome about Him.