Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You are merciful

O LORD, we are thankful for your grace and merciful ways.  We are grateful that you have preserved our lives for eternity, and saved us from all our iniquities.  O God, you are loving, gracious, and wonderfully good to us.  Your heart continuously searches our inner thoughts, guides our every move, and faithfully seek to transform us with your word.  O Lord, we love you and sincerely desire to stay in your will.  Empower us with your word, instill your ways in our hearts, drive us to our destinations for you only know where shall we go. 

All our hope is in you.  Continue to dwell in the hearts of your righteous people, for we live by your word, and trust that it will guide us to do your will.  Reveal your inner thoughts to your children and bless us with your knowledge and wisdom so we can become stronger in our faith.  We want more of you Lord, more of you, we want to be consumed by your presence for there is nothing greater than this.  We desire that your will be done in our lives and that your strength empowers us to be faithful people in all our ways. 

Thank you for your faithfulness, your patience and for being so merciful and gracious in all your perfect ways.  Your love is everlasting constantly transforming us to your likeness.  We want to glorify you, we want excel and stand strong in our faith and your truth.

We honor you with our lives.  Amen!


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