Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Heavenly Father

There are times when we are lonely;
no one quite understands our point of view
There are times when people fail and disappoint us
There are times when we become fearful, helpless, and hopeless
There are times when life’s challenges drain our every breath
There are times when life takes unexpected turns
There are times emotions get the best out of us
Whatever the feelings and conditions we are dealing with,
God’s holy word is our remedy.

(David wrote this Psalm to reflect upon the goodness of the Lord.  
Now, here is the same Psalm used to express God’s love for his children.)
Psalm 139 “The Lord is Always Near”
I have looked deep into your heart, and I know all about you.
I know when you are resting or when you are working,
And from heaven I discover your thoughts.
I notice everything you do and everywhere you go. 
Before you even speak a word, I know what you will say,
And with my powerful arm I protect you from every side.
You cannot understand all of this, my child!
Such wonderful knowledge is far above you.
Where could you go to escape from my Spirit or from my sight?
Even then my powerful arm would guide and protect you.
Or suppose you said, “I will hide in the dark
Until night comes to cover me over.”
But I can see in the dark because daylight
And dark are all the same to me.
I am the one who put you together inside your mother’s body,
And you praise me because of the wonderful way I created you. 
Everything I do is marvelous!  Of this have no doubt. 
My lovely child, I will always love you and never leave you.

Love Your Heavenly Father

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