Friday, February 14, 2014

He loved us first

God swept us away with his love when we acknowledged and accepted what Jesus Christ had done for us on the cross.  We believed that he was implanted in the virgin’s womb by the Holy Ghost, born, lived on earth to preach the gospel of salvation to reconcile us to our first love, died on the cross, resurrected on the third day and ascended to heaven to be with his Heavenly Father until his return for the day of judgment.    

Jesus Christ, our Lord, made it all possible with his selfless act of true love when he was being beaten, scorned, spat on, deceived, betrayed and ridicule.  His stripes have shown how much he gave up for us. It did not matter to him that he was being mocked, falsely accused and put to death.  No, he had a mission to release us from condemnation for his love for us took him to the end of his life, and I know that if the Lord had to do it again he would. For his heart yarns for all to be saved and partake of the eternal path he carved for us.  

This is why we have to continue loving each another imitating Christ's life in order to win souls for him. When we experience difficulties, we should always recall the suffering he withstood for us when we did not deserve it.  

Genuine love is blind it does not see wrong.  This selfless giving love that the Lord had for us is what we ought to provide to other people for it is the love that wins the hearts for the Lord.  Love is the reason for Jesus' death.  Amen!  For none are good no not one.  He loved us first when we were wrong, submerged in wickedness, had no hope within us.  For we all know that without Christ no one comes to the Father.

Today, we can say that we genuinely love God for we walk and live by his ways.  Jesus has given us a gift that could never be replaced-his love.  This love will last for all eternity and the beauty of it is that we all will one day be living with our God.  How wonderful and pleasing is to know that we will be living in his presence forever just as he intended it to be from the beginning.  

Now, this is pure love to have created us with the foreknowledge that we would miserably fail him and still continue with his plan of salvation is beyond my understanding.  Awesome!

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