Thursday, October 24, 2013

Struggles in the midst of it all!

To struggle is to be in a forceful situation restraining you from accomplishing your goals or what is beneficial for you.  I have realized that all my struggles have been based on fulfilling my desires to please myself, not God.  We lose focus on what is important when we allow struggles/things to come first in our lives.  Those struggles/things become the idols of our lives, not exactly what your Creator wanted for you, but is what we desire.

Okay, now that I have acknowledged this flaw in my life, what can I do about it?  God says, we are to turn from our ways and not lean to our understanding, but to allow the renewal of our minds by resting in his word.  By doing this, it transforms our thinking process from our prospective to God’s prospective.  The way we filter our thoughts would no longer come from this world, but from the mind of Christ, who has laid it all out for us in the scriptures.  We are weak for the simple fact that we become consumed by the things of this world and allow it to control us.

Now, we being women of faith, we are to cling to the word of God to allow the filtering process in our minds to change our lives, if change is what we are seeking.  Not just any change though, but true change, change that will impact not only your life, but the lives of others.  You see, I could have easily kept this little secret on how God has completely changed my life, but that is not what God wants, nor do I.  God blessed me so I can be an example to others, not to sit and indulge in it.  Absolutely not, God wants to impact every single woman that deals with any kind of struggle in her life. 

We struggle due to the lack of God’s resources:
We don’t pray enough
We don’t seek enough

We don’t read the word enough (the spirit of God which is in us needs to be fed in order to do a remarkable work in us.) Yes, God does not need us to do miracles, but we do need a daily miracle that can be found in his word.

We lack due to our mind set.  Listen, everything has been written for us, yes life is not easy, but God has given us the best weapon we can ever have, HIS WORD.  Jesus, when tempted by the evil one, used God’s word to defeat his schemes.  This is a great example on how powerful the word of God is for us.  I know now after doing ample reading that we fail because we seek not, we fear because we have little faith, we stumble due to the fact that we do not feed God’s spirit, who is in us, with his word.

The focus is not on any specific problem/issue, but on the remedy to get us to a healthier environment.  Especially, when we are dealing with situations that have become greater than what we can handle.  But guess what, He (the Holy Spirit), who is in us, is greater that he (the destructor of your lives) that is in the world.  Developing your minds in the things of God’s, and renewing your thinking process to filter things differently will provide you with different results; otherwise, you would be insane, thinking that by doing the same thing over and over again will provide you with different results.  (Nope, that definitely was not me…J it sure was me…J) 

We need to understand that battles are won with God on our side.  You can do nothing in your own strength, but in Christ everything is possible, says the LORD.  Nevertheless, knowing that our experiences will not always be pleasant, we can be assured that God has a plan for our lives that cannot be tampered with.  We make the plans, but He makes the final decision.  Amen.

Jesus, our Lord and Savior, has broken the chains that have taken you through dark valleys; therefore, we need to wake up, and come out of that deep sleep.

God loves YOU no matter who you are and where you are. 

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