Thursday, February 13, 2014

Live a life of righteousness

We were called to be imitators of God to live a life as Christ did when we were yet sinners.  Not that we have gained Christ’s love by what we have done or are doing, on the contrary, because we love Christ we want our lives to be fruitful producing positive things that will ultimately please the him.  Our minds ought to be filled with pureness and our hearts with humility.  Always being mindful that we are to walk as the light of the world to impact the lives of those that live in darkness.   Never forgetting that we were also once in darkness and thanks to the prayers of others we came to see the light.  As we know that the love that comes out of us shall not be envy, boast, dishonorable, self-seeking, easily angered nor should it keep record of wrongs and delight in any evil. But our love shall protect, persevere, always trustworthy, hopeful, and truthful.

God’s love is for everyone whether good or bad; how great is this love for it never fails.  Therefore, be careful how you live your life for you know that the enemy is prowling around seeking who he can devour.  The ignorant self-centered old man should be put away from within you for it has no communion with God’s Spirit, who is in you.  Therefore, do not partake of any unwholesome talk, foolish behaviors, get rid of the bitterness, anger, rage, brawling and slander and every form of malice within you.  For the fruit of the Spirit empowers you to live righteously, be trustworthy, and be filled of goodness.  Our lives ought to bless others, enlighten their minds, encourage the weak and strengthen their faith.

Knowing that we have been sealed with the Holy Spirit for the day of redemption our priority is to continue building God’s kingdom.  Always remember that we are the light of the world separated to live it accordingly to God’s will not ours.    

2 Corinthians 3:5-8 Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test? And I trust that you will discover that we have not failed the test.  Now we pray to God that you will not do anything wrong—not so that people will see that we have stood the test but so that you will do what is right even though we may seem to have failed.  For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth.

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