Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I believe that the most difficult emotion one can deal with is finding the means to forgive someone for the wrong they have done to us.  This is where love is tested.  How difficult it is to forgive when your entire soul, spirit and mind has been crushed into pieces so much that in times it becomes impossible to think rationally. 

I cannot even begin to express how powerful it is to allow hurt to fester in our hearts.  Having an unforgiving heart robs us from our happiness, peace and love we become prisoners in our own bodies.  It is so powerful that it blinds us from the truth not being able to function as rational people.  Jesus expressed so much how we ought to forgive one another no matter what the situation was.  He never said it would be easy but expressed the necessity of obeying him for in doing so it would free us from the harmful consequences. There is so much that can come out of not forgiving others for one you won’t be able to love others as Jesus called us too, you will never have peace within yourself, and you won’t be able to trust anyone based on your past experiences.    

Jesus was clear in Matthew 18:21-22 when he told Peter you must not only forgive seven times but seventy-seven times.  How can this be?  What are we supposed to do with these hurtful feelings?  Well, for one you start by letting go of what you can’t change and letting God do the magic in you.  When you let go you are obeying the Lord by not taken it upon yourself to allow those feelings to control you.  You are giving up what you cannot change.  Recall that God says you forgive and don't take vengeance for vengeance is mine.  Who better than God to deal with your situation for when we allow him to deal with it both parties come out as winners.  What an awesome God.  Jesus knew that by harboring these feelings within us will only lead to bigger problems like causing sickness, depression, anxiety, and mental issues in our lives.    

Yes, it is not going to feel comfortable nor pleasing when you forgive, but I can guarantee you it will release a huge load of your back.  You will no longer feel oppressed by your emotions.  Don’t worry about the emotions you are feeling for the Lord will deal with that, just obey and forgive.  It is so much better for you.  Don’t worry about the other person or situation just FORGIVE.  It will bring so much joy and happiness into your life. Don’t give the enemy a chance to come and destroy what you have been working so hard for.  The greatest command we have is to love one another and always have room for forgiveness especially knowing that God continuously is forgiving us for our short falls.  

Forgive, for to forgive it to love.   You can't say you love when you have an unforgiving hurt.  You can't have it both ways.  For God has forgiven you and loves you unconditionally.  

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