Friday, December 13, 2013

What matters to the LORD is YOU, nothing else!

We all want to please God by doing good deeds, as I found myself doing.  However, in the process, I became overwhelmed in trying to accomplish them.  It pulled me away from spending quality time with God and meditating in His word, which is essential to our Christian walk.   

Jesus is our great example, He was constantly in the presence of God praying for strength and guidance.  We have to be careful not to fall into a routine in doing things and losing its purpose.  In everything we do, it should all be meaningful and part of God's plan for our lives.  We should not do things just to please God, but there needs to be a purpose in it to bring glory to Him.  I desire for my work to be counted as good in the eyes of the Lord.

From this point forward, I have put a stop to everything, and have placed all my focus on Him, because it is through Him that my work will be counted as good deeds.  He wants to nurture His children to help them get stronger and wiser.  Yes, God wants us to bear good fruit, however, not at His expense. 

In Psalms 119:1-8 the psalmist clearly demonstrates how we are to live a life that pleases God:

 119 Those whose way is blameless—
    who walk in the Lord’s Instruction—are truly happy!
Those who guard God’s laws are truly happy!
    They seek God with all their hearts.
They don’t even do anything wrong!
    They walk in God’s ways.
God, you have ordered that your decrees
    should be kept most carefully.
How I wish my ways were strong
    when it comes to keeping your statutes!
Then I wouldn’t be ashamed
    when I examine all your commandments.
I will give thanks to you with a heart that does right
    as I learn your righteous rules.
I will keep your statutes.
    Please don’t leave me all alone!

This is exactly how I felt- ALONE.  I was too busy to realize that God’s purpose in my life was not to run around trying to make things work for Him, no, not at all.

Are your good deeds part of God’s purpose in your life?  Do you even know what God’s plan is for your life?  If you don’t ask Him, He has one for all His children.

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