Monday, January 27, 2014

God's Compass

Awesome are the ways of the Lord.  You can count your blessings when you put all your faith in him.  

Imagine living your life with the perfect invaluable compass guiding your journey.  This is exactly what the Lord provides for those who put their trust and faith in him.  His compass is centered in truth as it aligns and directs your life to his path.

You can remain confident that every decision you are about to make the Lord is concern about no matter how minimal.  God cares and wants to see you through it.  Absolutely, there may be distractions but know that God is always a head of you with a victorious plan. He will not allow anything or anyone to come between his plan for your life.  Be encourage and faithful that the Lord will see you through his promises, as you know that his promises are always a Yes to those who stay in his path.

It does not matter what you are going through, what you are feeling, what you are seeing, what you have been told, God, your Creator, the one who laid the heaven and earth to win your love, the one who created You for his purpose and glory will not take his healing hands off of his precious creations.  His unfailing love will take you to the end of your journey.  He is watchful, attentive, concern, willing, able to do everything it takes to keep you in his bosom.  

The Lord’s love for you endures forever, He hears you, He knows you, He believes in you, He fights for you, and He will see that YOU are comforted.

There is so much more the Lord has for you just wait upon him.  His promises will come to pass nothing can change that.  Just wait.  Just wait.  God’s compass never fails.  The Holy Spirit, the compass of our lives, will never forsake you.   

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